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Why Beacon Plumbing,
Heating & Mechanical?

Tenure. Beacon Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical technicians REMAIN with Beacon. In an industry where shop hopping is rampant and private equity firms run by large investors are running rampant, Beacon is still a family owned business.

Why do our technicians stay? Well, perhaps it is for the atmosphere, the way they are treated, the competitive pay, or the leadership skills of the owner who has the professional will and humility to make Beacon Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical a great spot for you to land.

We’re all hiring, you have choice!

Why a Service Trade career?

Show me the money honey!

The average Plumbing annual wage in Idaho is $51,334. The wage of an experienced worker of >7 years is $99,967.

The average HVAC annual wage in Idaho is $54,500 (2-4 years). The wage of an experienced worker of >7 years is $81,100.

Wow! According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistic, technician job openings in HVAC will grow some 21% (2023) this year and Plumbing jobs will grow some 15.6%. This is nearly double the growth rate of all jobs in the United States!

What are the personal benefits of a career in the Service Trades, you ask?

  • Consistently in high demand even in tough economic times
  • Many skills taught “on-site” or “on-the-job”
  • Hands on work – pride in your work – working independently or with a team
  • Something “new” every day – no dull routines
  • Advanced certifications can often be done while working and for low/no cost
  • How do Service
    Trades stack up?

    The proof is in the pudding!
  • More than 40% of graduating seniors are now considering a professional trade vs college degree.
  • Higher level of “job satisfaction” in professional trades vs other careers
  • Highest number of “retirees” are in professional trades (meaning highest job opportunities)
  • Training is quicker and costs less in professional trades vs college degree programs
  • My mind is made up.
    How do I contact you?

    Please reach out to our Human Resource
    Officer/Owner, Patrick Cahill at (208) 986-8577

    We are open 24/7!

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